FAQs for Publicists

Q. How do you choose the reviewers for each project?
A. We aim to fill every tour with well-read bloggers who express a sincere interest in the product, cause, or book. All MotherTalk bloggers have been individually vetted for traffic, editorial style, and blog design.

Q. Can we approve the list of bloggers?
A. We don't offer pre-approval. However, we work with clients and publishers to identify a profile of their ideal reviewer so the bloggers we round up are a good match for the product or topic.

Q. Can we ask a blogger to change their review?
A. If there is a factual error, we can certainly ask the reviewer to change it. The opinions expressed in each review are the blogger's own. It's typical that if a reviewer feels she cannot post a fair and balanced review, we will replace her.

Q. When is the best time to schedule a blog tour?
A. As a rule, we schedule tours to coincide with more traditional publicity, such as product launches, bookstore readings or television appearances, usually on or just before the release date. But ultimately, the schedule is up to you.

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