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Welcome to Mom Central Consulting

Join us at MotherTalk where:

1. Moms research, review, and give honest feedback about products they love and make their lives easier
2. Moms provide insights, reviews and connect with other moms
3. Moms help spread the word about books and products that appeal to women

Book Reviews
Moms read it all, from parenting books and novels to children’s stories and cookbooks. MotherTalk provides a place to find out about great new books, read reviews, or sign up to get copies of new books and provide feedback yourself.

If you are a book publisher or author and want more information please contact Jill Notkin

Product Reviews
Want to know what new products will soon become must-haves? MotherTalk introduces moms to new products from entrepreneurs and small companies who want to hear what you think. Check out the latest product reviews or sign up to join in on the conversation and see the best new items for moms and their families.

Are you an entrepreneur with a new product? Contact Jill Notkin.

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